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Tall Handsome Stranger lyrics


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     Tall Handsome Stranger
    >> Marty Robbins
        A tall handsome stranger rode into town
    With fire in his eyes burning red as sundown
    His boots were all dusty, his coat open wide
    Six ways of dying hung low on his side
    He went in the town hall asking for me
    They told him that I was still town deputy
    I sent him to prison to pay for his crime
    He killed a guard on the Sante Fe line
    He spread word around town that my time had come
    My notch was already carved on his gun
    He's laughing and braggin and having his fun
    It's all a show for he knows I won't run
    That night in silence the town was asleep
    I sat by my window and looked down the street
    I wished in my heart that he would just ride away
    I hated to face him next sunup that day
    I met him at sunup, the crowd gathered round
    Waitin and watching for one to go down
    He grabbed for his six gun, tryin his best
    He cursed as my bullet went deep in his chest
    He stood there a moment and looked all around
    Slowly and lifeless he fell to the ground
    The stranger's my brother, born an outlaw
    He must have forgotton I taught him to draw
    The whole town was waiting and I was alone
    The blood that I spilled was just like my own
    When she hears this story, how Mother will cry
    Brother 'gainst brother and one had to die
    To die
    To die
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